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“As a Human Sexuality educator at a community college, I find these videos to be a godsend for my students. The students look forward to watching them. They frequently comment how creative and educational they are and share them with their friends.” —Janet Minehan, Ph.D., Santa Barbara Community College

“One of the best series of sex-ed videos out there.” 

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Two men sitting up together in bed.

For Our Gay Brothers

Straight and gay men have much more in common than most people think. It doesn’t matter if we’re into women or men, our brains are in a constant battle with our genitals over who’s in charge. All of us understand how penises work, since we started yanking on our own when we were still in the womb. However, vaginas are their own separate universe. This means that a website for men who are into women needs to tackle different issues than a site for men who are into men.

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About Paul’s Book, “Guide To Getting It On”

“If you’re going to own just one book about sex, this is the one.” – Women’s Health Magazine

“You’ve never read a manual as warm, friendly, liberating, thorough, and potentially sex-life-changing as the Guide to Getting It On! Neither had anyone in our office, which may be why our copies keep disappearing.” – Oprah Magazine

“One of the few books about sex that you actually want to sit down and read.” 

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