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The Real Dude Radio Podcast

A podcast for men that’s about women, sex, psychology, and medicine. You won’t find a more informative and helpful podcast for men where the author has actually read and analyzed the latest studies before telling you about them, as opposed to making shit up or relying on questionable data and press releases. Begins in June.

A man wearing boxer shorts with an erection, standing uncomfortably.

Morning Wood Feels Different than Erections From Being Aroused

Women often assume that an erection is an erection and it means a man is sexually aroused. Yet there are two different kinds of erections: the kind that result from feeling sexually aroused, and the not-aroused kind that occur during REM sleep and can also happen during the day, especially during the morning hours.

For several months, I included a question on my sex survey asking men if their early-morning (waking) erections feel the same or different than the erections they get when they are sexually aroused.

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Images of male baseball players getting hit in the testicles with the caption "If you want to have children some day, wear a cup."

Protect Your Balls and Your Brain If You Hope To Have Children Some Day

Your Balls

One of the leading causes of infertility in young men is athletic injuries. Fortunately, there’s a new generation of cups you can try, in addition to compression shorts to hold them in place. Plus, wearing a cup will make you look really well hung. From baseball and lacrosse to MMA, wrestling, football, and paintball, you CAN find a cup that is comfortable and works well for you. However, you probably won’t find the coolest of cups at your local Target,

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Close up of man's pelvis and mid section. He's undoing his pants, with a row of condoms with different sized and shaped heads in front of his pants.

Condom Sampler Packs

One of the best ways to get a condom that’s right for you and your partner is to try sampler packs. Here’s the most extensive list of condom sampler packs on the planet. Find a brand or two that work well for both of you, and stock up.

Condoms that are made from thinner material are as effective for disease prevention as condoms made from thicker material. An advantage of thinner condoms is you can get more sensation and more heat transfer from your partner’s body.

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A Woman’s Guide to Men’s Foreskins

Now that we have the first generation of men in North America whose foreskins are intact, a lot women have no clue what to do with them. If you are an intact male and have a female partner, be sure to watch this video together. It could be a great conversation starter and a win-win for both of you. ICYDK, foreskins are simply Nature’s way of giving a partner more to work with!

Urinals along a wall in a men's restroom.

Unable to Pee in Public; aka Bashful Bladder, Being Pee Shy, or Paruresis

You wouldn’t believe the number of men who have trouble using public rest rooms, and not because they don’t like the smell or have hygiene issues. 

Being unable to relieve yourself in a public rest room is called paruresis or bashful bladder syndrome. It’s very real problem that can limit how far away from home a person can venture and for how long. Being pee-shy can get in the way of taking a urinalysis at work or for a job interview–forget being able to take a leak at a concert,

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Woman in teeshirt with the words "My Body MY RULES" across the front.

What Every Man (and Woman) Needs To Know About Consent

Consent in sex is massively important, yet it can be very confusing–especially because of the well-intended but often misleading slogans about it. This free chapter from the Guide To Getting It On is being used in college courses, and is one of the most helpful explanations about consent there is.

Click Here to for a free PDF of the chapter.

Click Here to download a free EPUB of the chapter that you can read on an ebook reader. 

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Fap Not – Masturbation Madness

Masturbation is one of nature’s nicest gifts to human beings. For many of us, it’s a sanity saver. Unfortunately, there are groups spreading false information about masturbation, trying to make men feel guilty or wrong about doing it. This video is Dr. Paul’s answer to people who think there’s something bad about masturbation.

Sex in Porn vs Real Life

With special guest host, Bob the Llama! While it’s totally fine to watch and enjoy porn, if you want to be good in bed, you need to be aware of the differences between sex in porn and sex in real life.

A father with a young baby sleeping on his chest.

The Sometimes Complex Emotions of Fathers-to-Be

There are dozens of books and posts for pregnant moms about the feelings they are experiencing. Yet dads-to-be experience their own pregnancy-related emotions that are seldom discussed. Fortunately, we have the research of James Herzog to provide valuable insights into the emotions of dads-to-be.

According to Dr. Herzog, dads-to-be often fall into two groups: those whom he calls more attuned, and those whom he describes as being less attuned. One of the biggest factors that determine which group a man falls into is the influence of his own father or father substitutes when he was growing up.

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Soldier in battle on the left half of the illustration, same soldier sitting at home with family, but looking alienated and mentally not present

Resources for Active Military Members, Veterans, and Their Families

Vet Resources Newsletter Resources for Veterans, their families, caregivers, and survivors. Sign up for the weekly newsletter.

FOCUS: Resilience Training for Military Families FOCUS (Families OverComing Under Stress) provides resilience training to military children, families, and couples. It teaches practical skills to help families and couples overcome common challenges related to a military life. It helps build on current strengths and teach new strategies to enhance communication and problem solving,

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